KAI Namid

  • With Phil. made rubber sole (4mm thickness) priced at Php700 (USD18)
  • With Vibram Cherry rubber sole (also 4mm thick) priced at Php1,400 (USD36)

KAI Maka (Currently out of stock)

KAI NeckSkirt (Currently out of stock)

7 thoughts on “Products

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  2. unsai halinon na design/model ninyo sir?..:]]

    First time to go minimalist..

    Nag order nako.. :))

  3. payts! Proudly Cebuano made nga first local ultra barefoot minimalist running sandals.
    I thought kaning kwarta na gitigum nako mapaingun sa Xero Shoes nga tag $25 (wa pai labot shipping).

    Been a minimalist runner for about a year now. Ug isa ra akong barefootwear nko. Planning to buy another one. Diri cguro ko. kung naa nai stock inyong KAI Maka. pls inform me. Will buy one or two and make a review. thanks,

  4. Hi,im just a new beginner in the race and i heared lots of positive feedback about KAI sandals. Can you give me some tips on your product coz im planning to get one hehehe. Thanks ☺

    • Hi Yvette, If you are a road runner, then the KAI with Vibram Cherry would be OK for you. Vibram Newflex would be the best choice though if the price difference of Php400 is ok with you. Thank you.

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